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My Two Mentors: A Case for Christian Personal Development

I believe there is a huge need for Personal Development resources for Christians created from a biblical perspective. We need Christian resources on goal setting, meaningful work, creating good habits, productivity, etc. My hope is to help Christians find the abundant life that Jesus promises. It’s with these goals in mind that I have created a personal development and life coaching resource for Christians.

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How to Suffer Well

Where was God when my loved one died? Why did God allow me to be abused when I was young? How could a loving God allow His children to experience such suffering?

These are questions that I'm trying to answer. A lot of folks at my church are asking these questions. They are very similar to the questions that I asked about God myself. 

Here’s a few insights from James 1:1-8 about how to suffer well.

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What will they say at your funeral?

If you ever get depressed or dissatisfied with your wilderness wanderings through life, I suggest that you go to a funeral of a godly person who lived to honor God and serve people. That will inspire you to live up to your potential more than walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins. 

Why are these funerals so inspiring? One word. Legacy. 

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Jim Rohn's Four Keys to Success

While attending a recent class at “Automobile University,” I listened to a classic audio recording of a Jim Rohn talk. Jim is considered one of the greatest personal development experts in the last generation.

The following will be Jim’s list of “four keys to success.” I’ll also add my personal reflections and commentary about each lesson.

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Do You Want to Get Well?

In the next several posts, I’ll share with you five of my favorite questions that Jesus asks in the Gospels. I want to warn you, that these five questions are powerful. They are life-changing questions. Jesus first asked these questions to people who were stuck or after they just had a big failure. His questions was a catalyst that led to breakthroughs and changed lives. May it continue to do the same in our lives today.

The first question is, “Do you want to get well?”

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3 Steps Toward the Life You Always Wanted

We live in a day where knowledge is easily accessible. You can Google anything. You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to do anything including parenting, changing a tire, decoupage furniture, gourmet cooking and everything in between. The era in which we live is called the “Information Age.” But where information is ubiquitous, understanding and wisdom are as rare as a content Millennial with a satisfying career. 

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