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3 Steps Toward the Life You Always Wanted

We live in a day where knowledge is easily accessible. You can Google anything. You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to do anything including parenting, changing a tire, decoupage furniture, gourmet cooking and everything in between. The era in which we live is called the “Information Age.” But where information is ubiquitous, understanding and wisdom are as rare as a content Millennial with a satisfying career. 

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Unclear Directions?

One of things that I find most frustrating is not having clear directions.  When driving, I hate getting lost because I didn't receive clear directions.  When working on an assignment, I get frustrated if the directions were unclear.

This also applies to my often felt frustration in my faith journey of following God.  He doesn't seem to like giving me clear directions. What should we do when it seems like God hasn't given us clear directions?

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