Episode 020 - The Marques Ogden Story

Learn some life lessons from the amazing story of Marques Ogden. Marques was an NFL player and multi-millionaire business owner who lost it all. He lost his business and became a janitor making $8.25 per hour. See how he turned his life around and became an author and successful motivational speaker. 

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Episode 018 - Chase Replogle on being a Pastor-Writer.

Chase Replogle is a bi-vocational pastor, web designer, and writer. He currently hosts the Pastor Writer Podcast at pastorwriter.com. The show takes a contemplative look at the writing process for pastors and church leaders pursuing their call to write. 

Chase has just finished a book-length manuscript based on the life of Moses. It's title, Discontented: How Your Heart's Desires Betray You. Discontented takes an honest look at our universal journey of identity formation: adventure and commitment, competition and attraction, idolatry and faith.

In this interview, we talk about the dealing with the dreaded “Imposter Syndrome” and other things new writers face.

Check out Chase’s podcast - www.pastorwriter.com

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Episode 017 - Rachel Larkin on dealing with fear and doubt as a new writer.

Our guest today is just getting started on this writing journey. Rachel Larkin is a blogger and has written a couple of books. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and their three young adult sons.

In this interview, we talk about getting started and dealing with the fear and doubts as a new writer.

She writes about growing in faith and developing your potential on her website at- https://rachellarkin.com.

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Episode 016 - Peyton Jones on finding your voice and getting an agent

Peyton Jones is a pastor and church planter. He trains and coaches church planters all over the world. He is a prolific content creator. He writes books, blogs, and magazine articles. He speaks at conferences, runs a magazine, and two podcasts. He is known as the “Church Planting Ninja.”

Today, Peyton and I discuss…

  • How he got into writing books
  • Finding your writing voice
  • How to get an agent
  • And other practical advice for new writers

Here’s how to connect with Peyton:




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Episode 015 - 7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Self-publish

Episode 015 - 7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Self-publish

In this short episode, I talk give pastors 7 reasons why they should self-publish. If you’re a pastor, I hope this would encourage you to self-publish. If you’re not, please pass this recording onto your pastor.

7 Reasons Pastors Why Should Self-publish:

1) You can change the world with your words.

2) Reach thousands of people you’ve never met.

3) Makes you a better pastor and preacher.

4) Rescues and redeems your half-baked sermons

5) It’s great practice

6) It sets you apart

7) It’s not that hard

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Episode 014 - Pastor Joshua Best on helping indie authors publish

This was an unplanned interview with pastor Josh Best.  He is an author and runs a small publishing company called “Unprecedented Press.” Unprecedented Press helps indie authors self-publish and launch their books.

Here’s how their website describes what they do:

“Traditional publishers rarely bet on new authors, and vanity presses gouge them for services instead of investing in their success. This often leads a writer to self-publish, but the endeavor can be extremely difficult to do alone. [Unprecedented Press] exists to help our author-partners feel more confident in the process than they would on their own, produce a higher quality product than they could on their own, and have access to more people than they would on their own. Like a business partner, we’re here to share the load.”

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Episode 013 - Jean Wise on becoming a writer after retirement

Jean Wise is a hybrid author with 9 books traditionally and self-published. He is a retired nurse and picked up writing in her 50s. She has written devotional books for women. She has a unique perspective on writing. We talked about writing Christian devotionals for women, blogging, and the importance of building a platform. We also discuss dealing with rejection, overcoming hurdles, and finding yourself after retirement.

Best quote: “You never retire. You just find a new ministry.”

You can learn more about Jean’s blog and “100 Day Platform Power-Up Challenge” at healthyspirituality.org.

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Episode 012 - Shelley Hitz gives coaching advice for Christian writers

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Shelley Hitz. Shelly has written over 40 books. She is a busy woman. She also a professional speaker, artist, author coach, podcaster, YouTuber, and blogger. Her website was voted one of the best 100 websites for writers in 2017.

She is the owner and creator of the Author Audience Academy. Her goal is to “help you reach more people with your message and let your light shine.”

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Episode 010 - Real Time Author Coaching

Listen in as I receive real-time coaching on publishing my 3rd book. Most indie authors don’t have a team of agents, editors, art directors or marketing specialists to help our books succeed.

On this episode, David Ramos plays the role of my writing and publishing coach. He forces me to answer eight vital questions to help me think through the message, audience, and promotion of my new book.

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Episode 009 - Lori Ramsey on writing 50 Romance novels!

Lori Ramsey is a prolific Christian author who writes in 3 different genres under 3 different pen names. She writes non-fiction Christian inspiration and Bible Study, western historical romance, Christian romance, and even SciFi Fantasy.

She has over 50 books published under her three pen names and has also ghost written many more books. We talk about her journey and life lessons of being an indie writer and the commitment it takes.

Here’s some helpful writing wisdom from our conversation:

  1. It’s your job! You need to carve out time and create a daily habit. 
  2. If you love writing, you have to be committed. It’s your job!
  3. Be patient. You will get better.
  4. Be open to criticism and learn from it.
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Episode 008 - Lessons from my journey as a new author

Getting started on the writing journey. Today, I share an interview I did on Ryan Pelton’s podcast (theprolificwriter.net). We talk about my personal background, how I got started in writing, and what I learned from writing my first two books.

Here’s some tips and takeaways from the interview:

  1. You need a consistent writing habit.
  2. Seek internal purpose (not external)- your why?
  3. Start small, go deep, but dream big.
  4. Read tons of craft and business books.
  5. Balance public and private life.
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Episode 007 - Kevin Tumlinson on writing fiction and self-publishing 40 books!

Kevin Tumlinson, the self-proclaimed Wordslinger, is at the core of the independent publishing revolution. He is a best-selling and award-winning fiction author writing Sci-Fi and Thrillers, including the Dan Kotler Thrillers. He is a well-known blogger and podcaster. As the host of his own “Wordslinger Podcast” and co-host of three other podcasts, he gets to interview and interact with some of the biggest names in the publishing world. 

Today, Kevin and I talk about why Christians should write and publish. We also discuss living simply, changing genres, and overcoming the imposter syndrome. 

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Episode 005 - David Ramos on self-publishing as a Christian author

Today I have the privilege of talking with Christian indie author David Ramos. David is a Christian author who is in love with the truths found in Scripture. He holds a Bachelor's in Classical and Medieval Studies (like C.S. Lewis) and an Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

He is currently completing a post-graduate certificate at Princeton Theological Seminary. Over the last 5 years he has published over 500,000 words across nearly 100 publications and blogs. And his 13 books have reached over 100,000 readers and garnered invitations to speak at churches and universities across the country. 

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Episode 004 - Ryan J. Pelton on being a Prolific Writer

Ryan J. Pelton is a writer, pastor, podcaster, and founder of Rock House Publishing an indie publishing house. Ryan has written twelve non fiction and fiction titles (under R.J. Pelton) on a variety of subjects and in multiple genres. 

In December 2016, Ryan launched a popular podcast to help writers with the craft (The Prolific Writer Podcast). When not making up stories in his head, Ryan can be found chasing around three hyper boys (and their first daughter on the way), and convincing his wife books are more important than food.

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Episode 003 - Larry Osborne on writing as a pastor

On this episode, we talk to Larry Osborne about how he writes in the cracks of his life while being a pastor, speaker, and ministry consultant.

Larry Osborne is a senior and teaching pastor at North Coast Church, acclaimed as one of the most influential and innovative churches in America. Under his leadership the church has grown from 128 to over 12,000 on a weekend.

Larry has a passion for leadership, spiritual formation and discipleship.  As a nationally recognized trainer of leaders and pastors, and church planters, he travels extensively, speaking at conferences and mentoring events.

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Episode 002 - Why I Write

What is the reason you write? What is your motivation? Our host, Thien Doan, shares the 4 reasons that he writes. 

Four Reasons I Write:

  1. To honor God
  2. To discover myself
  3. To express myself
  4. To change the world
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Episode 001 - The Manifesto of the Prolific Christian Writer

In this episode, I share my ten point Prolific Christian Writer Manifesto:

Below is our Prolific Christian Writer Manifesto:

  1. Writing is a form of worship
  2. Words can change the world.
  3. God has a plan for your words/story.
  4. Inspiration comes after you start.
  5. Done is better than perfect.
  6. The work is the reward.
  7. Writing is a spiritual battle.
  8. Ignore the gatekeepers (God is your agent & publisher).
  9. Writing fast and often leads to writing well.
  10. Every writer needs a “Barnabas.”

Tell me what you think about my ten ideas. Which one resonates with you most?

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