Episode 014 - Pastor Joshua Best on helping indie authors publish


Episode 014

Pastor Joshua Best on helping indie authors publish

This was an unplanned interview with pastor Josh Best.  He is an author and runs a small publishing company called “Unprecedented Press.” Unprecedented Press helps indie authors self-publish and launch their books.

Here’s how their website describes what they do:

“Traditional publishers rarely bet on new authors, and vanity presses gouge them for services instead of investing in their success. This often leads a writer to self-publish, but the endeavor can be extremely difficult to do alone. [Unprecedented Press] exists to help our author-partners feel more confident in the process than they would on their own, produce a higher quality product than they could on their own, and have access to more people than they would on their own. Like a business partner, we’re here to share the load.”

On this interview, we talk about the differences between Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing, and Vanity Presses.

Find out more about Unprecedented Press at unprecedentedpress.com.

Note: I cannot officially endorse Unprecedented Press. This interview was an impromptu conversation that I decided to record. But Josh seems like a great guy and some of my friends go to his church.




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