Episode 005 - David Ramos on self-publishing as a Christian author


Episode 005

David Ramos on the business of self-publishing as a Christian author

Today I have the privilege of talking with Christian indie author David Ramos. David is a Christian author who is in love with the truths found in Scripture. He holds a Bachelor's in Classical and Medieval Studies (like C.S. Lewis) and an Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

He is currently completing a post-graduate certificate at Princeton Theological Seminary. Over the last 5 years he has published over 500,000 words across nearly 100 publications and blogs. And his 13 books have reached over 100,000 readers and garnered invitations to speak at churches and universities across the country. 

In today’s episode, we talk about being a independent Christian author, the process of writing 16 books, and the mindset and business of self-publishing.

Hear David’s writerly wisdom on how he: 
    •    gets 3,000-5,000 new readers each month
    •    got 35,000 people to download his book in only one week! 
    •    got a Bookbub promotion in his first try!
    •    uses lead magnets and automated emails to build his mailing list.

Here’s how you can connect with David Ramos:

NOTE: There was some audio distortion around 36 minutes in. It lasts for about a minute and the audio gets better.


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