Episode 010 - Real Time Author Coaching


Episode 010

Real Time Author Coaching

Listen in as I receive real-time coaching on publishing my 3rd book. Most indie authors don’t have a team of agents, editors, art directors or marketing specialists to help our books succeed.

On this episode, David Ramos plays the role of my writing and publishing coach. He forces me to answer eight vital questions to help me think through the message, audience, and promotion of my new book.

Below are some of the questions we discuss:

1) Summarize your book in 1 sentence.

2) Who is the market for your book?

  • Demographics: age, gender, education, geography, etc.
  • Theology

3) Why should people read your book?

  • What does it accomplish that is not already available on the market?

4) How will it help people?

5) What books are you competing against?

  • And what other authors are comparable?

6) What else can this book become?

  • Audio, course, play, etc.

7) How do you plan to reach potential readers?

8) How does this book fit into your bigger goals as an author?

If you want a PDF or Word.doc download of these questions, you can download it on my resource page HERE.

You can connect with David Ramos on his WEBSITE 

Here's David's newest book - LINK

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